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Fig Database

Fig Database is a customized, searchable database of edible fig varieties with advanced search, filtering, and ratings from and for fig collectors like yourself. TreeSnatch is a sister site of Fig Database. We occasionally sell the extra fig cuttings an ...

Rigo (5 )
Sunrise, Florida, United States
Seattle Figs

Hi Friends! I'm Kim Tien, I live in Seattle, WA is also known as Pacific Northwest (PNW). In the Spring of 2018, I ate my first fig sold at my local market. It was a black mission fig, it was so good I had to see if I could grow a fig tree. I came acro ...

SeattleFigs (0)
Renton, Washington, United States

StelaG (1)
Kissimmee, Florida, United States
Forest of Eden

Permaculture food foresters offering you quality organic cuttings, trees and fruits for you and your family.

Shaft (0)
Grimesland, North Carolina, United States

Evdurtschi (0)
Santa Barbara, California, United States

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